Project: Top 10 All-Time Performers Now Underway!

USADTF continues to work on various projects which include revamping track & field records for both indoors and outdoors. Currently, USADTF has developed and established 23 different record categories for each gender (a total of 46 categories). The updated track & field records can be found here – The track & field records continue to evolve as we keep on finding more performance records that has yet to be recognized. This one has been done for the past 18 months. The other new project we are working on is the Top 10 All-Time Performers. The performances in the Top 10 were made by USA’s deaf/hard of hearing athletes. We are nearly finished with this project with some records still under research, requiring verification. We are proud to open this project to the public viewers of what we currently have. You can view the Top 10 All-Time Performers here - Your help is needed! We need your assistance with the records by letting us know of any error you may find. This includes misspelled names, marks, dates and location. Also, if you know of any athlete that is not mentioned in any of the record lists that should be included, please let us know and be sure to provide evidence such as newspaper clips, URL web address, etc. Your assistance will help solidify the lists. In order to add the performance in the Top 10, we would need the following information:
  1. Full athlete’s name,
  2. Performance mark,
  3. Exact date, and
  4. Location.
You can also include an URL of the results that is available on a website. Please provide the following errors or information to the Records Keeper, Keith Sanfacon, and Additional projects include the Top 10 Collegiate and Top 10 Prep. The Collegiate project is half way done while the Prep project will be the most complicated one to complete. In case you may not know, we have finished the Top 10 List - USA Deaflympians. These Top 10 performances were only made at the past Games by USA athletes. You can find them under the Deaflympics section on our website -   Do click on ‘Top 10-USA Deaflympians’ link on the left side. A direct PDF link also can be found here - Many thanks to Keith Sanfacon and Wayne Langbein for their hard work to make these projects a reality. Keith gave countless hours visiting the Gallaudet Archives, researching tons of information via websites, and email follow ups for validations and more information from the athletes and coaches while Wayne worked endlessly assembling records and followed up with records. USADTF is grateful for such great team work, Keith and Wayne. Hands waving!
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