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The newly established Donalda K. Ammons Advocacy Award 2021 goes to....Tiffany Williams.

2022 Jan 05
Before we look any further into 2022, we want to look back and celebrate our FIRST recipient of the newly established 2021 Donalda K. Ammons Advocacy Award. We hope you will enjoy watching this video (captioned) which brought laughter as well as enlightenment from Deaflympic history!
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USADSF Community Board Award 2021: Alex Abenchuchan

2021 Oct 27
We are pleased to announce our 2021 USADSF Board Community Award recipient, Alex Abenchuchan.
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USA Deaf Sports Federation's 2nd Annual Dr. Glenn Anderson Diversity and Equity Virtual 5k Launch!

2021 Aug 24
Registration begins NOW, 4,300K - Together, let's cover the distance from the east coast to the west! Run, Walk, Hike, Wheelchair! Unlock km as you GO! Starting from Washington, DC, the location of the 1965 Deaflympics and finishing in Los Angeles, CA, the location of the 1985 Deaflympics! Kickoff begins Sept 20, ends on Oct 3.

Badminton Open Tryouts for the USA Deaf National Badminton Team

2021 Aug 05
Athletes who meet the criteria for the USA Deaf Badminton Team are invited to this tryout.
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Go for the Gold with the USA Deaflympic Women's Volleyball Team

2021 Jul 30
Get a glimpse of our USA Deaflympic Women's Volleyball Training Camp that took place recently.