New USADSF Board Term Announced

USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) held their Executive Board Meeting in Washington, DC, over the Veteran's Holiday weekend, November 10 and 11, 2017. The election for the next term of President, Vice President and Secretary was conducted by the Governance Committee. The nominations for each position were provided in advance, and those nominations were shared by the NSO Representatives in a meeting with the NSOs and Ad Hocs prior to the Executive Board meeting. All members of the board voted, including the two NSO Representatives. The President is Danny Lacey The Vice President is Paige Thompson The Secretary is Brianne Burger The President and Secretary will serve 4 year-terms, while the Vice President will serve the remainder of the 2-year term left from the previous administration. Mark Apodaca continues as Treasurer and the Board Members are Tiffany Williams, Jeffrey Mansfield and Jeffrey Salit. The Board Members include the two NSO Representatives Liza Offreda and James DeStefano, who are elected by the NSOs in accordance with the bylaws. President Lacey shared, "I am incredibly honored to lead USA Deaf Sports Federation into the next chapter of our storied legacy. As president, I will work with our board in supporting our athletes and coaches to raise our capabilities to send USA’s best and finest to compete. I believe that any successful team requires trust, collaboration and above all, teamwork. To attain the level of international prestige I know USADSF is capable of, we all must work together and I look forward to doing my part. Together we win." All inquiries can be directed to Brianne Burger at
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