Clark Visits China as Sports Envoy for Disabled Sports

As part of a special U.S. Department of State Sports Envoy to China, Dr. Becky Clark, a Board member of the USA Deaf Sports Federation visited Guangzhou, China last week. Dr. Clark was accompanied by Dr. Andrea Woodson-Smith, a 2012 Paralympian. "To promote inclusion and equal treatment for people with disabilities, the U.S. Department of State this week sent two athletes with disabilities to Guangzhou as envoys to discuss sports culture and policy with students and others in the southern Chinese city," said the State Department in a media note. Clark and Woodson-Smith visited China from May 13-20, which included sports clinics with a school for the blind, students learning to play wheelchair basketball, and sports clinics with deaf students, and a presentation at Guangzhou Sports University. Clark commented in the publication China Daily that SportsUnited, a "sports diplomacy" initiative of the State Department, chose Woodson-Smith and Clark for their strong attributes to the field of disability and sports. "We make for a great team, serving as role models for persons with disabilities, especially women and girls," Clark said. This was a huge asset for USA Deaf Sports Federation and the Deaflympics to have Clark attend on behalf of the United States and the deaf sports community in promoting awareness of sports and the disabled in China and to strengthen the partnership between the United States and China. To find out more information about the Sports Envoy program under the State Department, click here.
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